Skills You Should Learn From the Best Online Singing Lessons

singing lessonsThere is some relevant information you need to get before you commence the music learning process. It’s good to enroll for singing lessons that will give you the quality of your money. You need a class that will teach you things the right way because you cannot do things your way when it comes to singing. You will only record good results if you choose the best online singing lessons.

Doing some online reviews can assist you to locate the best online music classes to attend.

The first thing the student should learn is how to listen to his … Read the rest

An Evaluation of the Best Headphones for Studio Recording and Mixing

Every week I come across someone asking about the best headphones for mixing and recording on the SOS forums. It is not very easy to answer this question because you have to look at a wide range of features. There are several headphones recommended for studio use such as Audio Technica ATH-M50X,  Audio Technica ATH M35,  AKG K702, AKG K240,  Beyerdynamic DT150, Beyerdynamic DT 250, Fostex T50RP, Sennheiser HD600, Shure SRH840, and the Ultrasone Pro 900 headphones just to name a few. The design you choose depends on your personal preferences and your singing style. The advantage you have … Read the rest

Top 5 Karaoke Machine for Children

Karaoke MicThere exist so many karaoke machines that are specially designed for your kids. If your kid is a budding pop star, you can expose them to the right foundation right in your home.

These machines provide a lot of entertainment to you and your children. Karaoke machines for children mainly focus on fun and portability. Most of these machines have a nice character theme and crazy lights.

Most kids like moving with their toys from place to place. This also assists parents because it keeps their kids busy while traveling.

You can move with these machines to relative’s homes or … Read the rest

How to Find the Best Guitar String for Playing Metal

There is so much you need to learn before identifying the best strings for playing metal guitars.

This kind of music needs a very good axe that suits it perfectly. Your gear has to be appropriate for metal if you intent your guitar to produce an amazing sound. There are no shortcuts or exceptions while choosing the best strings for guitar.

You can get more insight from the video above. In case you like playing other styles; you can acquire an additional axe that may satisfy your needs.

Here are some five top strings recommended for metal guitar:

D’Addario EXL… Read the rest

Tips On Improving Your Singing Technique

If you’re longing to have a beautiful singing voice, then you’re certainly not alone.

Singer.Whether you’re a keen fan of your local karaoke night, or even if harbor greater ambitions for becoming an internationally acclaimed singing superstar, there’s no denying that singing is a skill that can be nurtured – so if you’re willing to work hard and progress your skills, there’s nothing stopping you from improving your singing voice.

While there’s something to be said for innate talent – the person who’s most committed to improving their raw potential is the person who’s most likely to succeed.

With this … Read the rest

The Tenor Who Gave 2,928 Metropolitan Opera Performances

The Metropolitan Opera in New York City keeps records of its performances in the Metropolitan Opera Archives.

Every performer, whether a singer, conductor or dancer, who has appeared in more than 100 performances with the opera is listed in the archives. The list is extensive, and many famous stars are listed there.

Among the immediately recognized are conductor James Levine (2531 appearances), tenor Enrico Caruso (863 appearances), tenor Placido Domingo (673 appearances), tenor Luciano Pavarotti (378 appearances), conductor Arturo Toscanini (480 appearances), soprano Renata Scotto (314 appearances), mezzo soprano Frederica von Stade (300 appearances), mezzo soprano Marilyn Horne (252 appearances) … Read the rest

The Curious Musical Technique of Throat Singing

Every now and then, a singer who can sing two notes at the same time is reported in the news.

Musicians are always in awe of this particular event, because the majority of singing is thought to be done with just one note at a time. The ability to sing two seems strange, unnatural, or simply bizarre.

Avi Kaplan, the superb bass from Pentatonix used throat singing in The Lion Sleeps Tonight, bringing this lesser known technique to fans at the group’s 2014 concert at the Los Angeles Orpheum Theater.

As a result of his ability, numerous YouTube videos are … Read the rest