How to Teach Guitar to a Group of Children?

guitar-kidsThere is a familiar path you can follow if you wish to teach guitar to a group of children. I have been teaching guitar to children for over ten years now.

Initially, I taught on a one on one basic but currently I specialize in groups.  Apart from guitars, you can find more gadgets that engage kids if you click here.

You may think that teaching guitar to a group of children is ineffective if you don’t know how to undertake the process. The advantage of teaching adults in groups is that they listen without setting rules.

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Basic Singing Tips That Can help you to develop a Beautiful Singing Voice as a Beginner

basic-singing-tipsI have come across several individuals who wish to develop a beautiful singing voice but they don’t know where to begin from. Your voice is the only internal instrument that you can use to develop very enjoyable lyrics.

Beautiful songs bring a lot of joy to both the singer and the audience. This article primarily focuses on the basic singing tips that can assist you to develop a beautiful singing voice.

Have a look here if you need additional info and tips on audio technologies you can use in your journey to improve your singing.

Relax your voice

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A Review of the Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones

Today I would like us to take some time and focus on the Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones. This model is among those headphones that have a fantastic design and sound.

These headphones have a slightly different tone because they operate on the middle of the range. The headphones deliver perfectly balanced and detailed audio performance with all the mids standing out.

They make your listening experience pleasant and smooth by keeping its high impact and bass power in check. Most users find this unique feature to be a plus for the headphones. The aim of this review is to look … Read the rest

Sound Tips: How to Sing Loud Without Straining

sing-loudThere is no way you will sing in front of a big audience especially an auditorium or theater and not have the temptation of singing loud. Remember you may have huge people who come to listen to your performance.

As a singer, you may strain to reach your audience especially if you don’t have a microphone. However, you have to make sure that you improve your sound quality.

Remember the audience has a right to your voice especially when they have paid. However, you don’t have to damage your voice in trying to reach to them.

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How Beginners Can Improve Singing Voice using two Important Vocal Exercises

singingVocal training exercises are vital in assisting aspiring and practicing artists to evaluate their voice and determine what they need to do to expand and improve their sound. There are so many vocal exercises you can use if you intend to learn how to improve singing voice.

However, we have two critical exercises that beginners should use to assess their voices and discover the boundaries of their vocal abilities. You cannot translate other vocal activities into your singing skills successfully unless you can practice these two vocal exercises correctly.

The two approaches include the ‘ing’ exercises and establishing a … Read the rest

Top Five Benefits of Music for Kids

Everyone understands that music is not only soothing but also relaxing. One thing you could not be aware of is that the only activity that engages the whole of your mind is listening to music.

Most of the other activities only require the right or left section of your brain or even a smaller portion of each portion. This article focuses on five benefits of music for kids.

However, you can learn more about this topic if you go here.

There is sufficient evidence that music therapy is highly therapeutic. Have you ever asked yourself why surgeons like listening … Read the rest

How To Host A Successful Karaoke Party

Whilst it’s always nice to get together with friends, both old and new- things can get a little awkward at the start of social gatherings, especially if not many people already know each other.

Of course, ensuring that the drinks are flowing and the music is pumping is a good way to ease into the swing of things, but conversation tends to run dry rather quickly, especially at birthday parties or house warming events.

If you provide an activity to focus on, then this will give everyone common ground and encourage people to let loose quicker, as the attention won’t … Read the rest

How to Sing in Harmony as a Beginner

sing in harmonySoaring music that has a perfect harmony sounds so sweet in the ear of the audience. Some upcoming artists have a misconception that it is easy to sing in a group than singing alone.

Some of them think that singing in harmony will assist them to hide any errors or off-tune notes that they may make as others will drown off their voice.

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How to Overcome Fear during Stage Performance

Fear is a normal occurrence especially during your initial years of stage performance. I have come across artists who have sleepless nights a day before their performance because of fear.

It’s hard to overcome fear, but you should develop the ability to hold it. The Diva gals site is a very useful resource especially when it comes to overcoming stage fright.

One thing you will agree with me is that the nature and amount of fear on stage varies from one individual to another. The best way to overcome stage fright is through action. However, you can still find some … Read the rest