How to Find the Best Guitar String for Playing Metal

There is so much you need to learn before identifying the best strings for playing metal guitars.

This kind of music needs a very good axe that suits it perfectly. Your gear has to be appropriate for metal if you intent your guitar to produce an amazing sound. There are no shortcuts or exceptions while choosing the best strings for guitar.

You can get more insight from the video above. In case you like playing other styles; you can acquire an additional axe that may satisfy your needs.

Here are some five top strings recommended for metal guitar:

D’Addario EXL 110-3D

This is among the most favored picks that you can start up with. The EXL XL has a nice design for your favorite genre and it’s good you try them out before going for any other string.

You can use the 0.012 to 0.054 and the 0.010 to 0.52 nickel heavy string whether you are a professional or a starter. These strings do not only have a long life span but also deliver music very well.

Jim Dunlop ZWN1046

These are very interesting strings that begin with 0.010 on the initial E and end with 0.060 on the second last E string.

This enables them to offer great versatility allowing you to move from metal to thrash within a few music notes.

This is the only gauge of string that covers a wide range of gauge. You can also try the Dunlop heavy strings because it is one of the metal brands that have very high levels satisfaction.

DR strings Dimebagg Darell signature

This company has been underrated for a long time but it offers a lot of potential.

You will rarely hear about these metal strings in the market. However, they have very nice strings used for electric guitars.

In fact, using the normal set of 10 to 54 can give you a nice tone for a relatively long period of time.

There are some individuals who have started switching from Ernie ball and Addario to these strings. According to me, this is a wise choice because the DR strings are of high quality.

Musicians need to pay more attention to these strings while selecting metallic strings.

GHS Boomer Set (10/ ½)

We have so many people who praise the GHS boomers but the only good thing with them is the 15 to 52 element.

You need to have a lot of experience in setting guitars for you to make a proper set up.

These strings sound awesome but you can spend a lot of time trying to rest your axe. However, professionals who understand how to handle and treat them well really get good sound.

They are good metal strings but it’s good to impress them at later stages. This is because they require highly experienced guitarists. In order to understand how to choose the right strings, you can check on this site

Ernie Ball 2627 Beefy Slinky

This is categorized among the best manufactures of electric guitar strings. However, they are not very good suppliers of metallic strings.

So many professionals use them but you need to be aware of their strength and weaknesses. In case you don’t understand them properly, it’s better to choose from the first four brands.

However, you can start with Ernie balls that are not in the thick of 9 to 48 set.