How To Host A Successful Karaoke Party

Whilst it’s always nice to get together with friends, both old and new- things can get a little awkward at the start of social gatherings, especially if not many people already know each other.

Of course, ensuring that the drinks are flowing and the music is pumping is a good way to ease into the swing of things, but conversation tends to run dry rather quickly, especially at birthday parties or house warming events.

If you provide an activity to focus on, then this will give everyone common ground and encourage people to let loose quicker, as the attention won’t be on them, but rather on the activity of choice.

A good and cheap option, which almost everyone enjoys, is to host a karaoke party. There are tons of apps available for backing tracks so grab a microphone and some speakers and let the good times roll.

If you plan it well and bear the following essential tips in mind, you will be onto a winner and you can expect your party to be a huge success!

Be Spontaneous

do-karaokeIt can be tricky to get people to let their hair down and take the stage when they are completely sober. Even more so, if you advertise your party as a karaoke party, where they know they will be expected to join in.

Instead, make sure everyone has had a few drinks first and then casually suggest you bring out your karaoke machine for some fun and games.

Take Pole Position

There are two main types of people in life: those who lead and those who follow.

The ideal personality type is though to be someone who knows when to lead and when to follow and as the host of a karaoke party, it’s only fair that you should set an example for others to follow suit, but taking the mic and belting out a rendition of your favorite song.

Not only will this help others to relax, you will set the tone for an evening of uninhibited fun.

Choose The Songs Wisely

Bear in mind some songs can be very challenging in nature. For example “I will survice” by Gloria Gaynor.

To avoid things getting awkward, as well as any drama between jealous couples, be sure to have a wide variety of backing tracks on offer, to spare unnecessary embarrassment amongst your peers.

Diversity Is Key!

Following on from the above point, try and select a range of songs that will appeal to different generations and personalities.

If someone is naturally shy, then they might prefer to sing a comical song, where it’s obvious that they aren’t trying to be too serious.

Likewise, people might feel more comfortable singing in front of a group if they have some moral support in the form of a sidekick, so duets are always a good option to suggest.

Be Discrete

It´s one thing to upload videos of your nearest and dearest crooning along to a song in a drunken stupor, but if you are inviting people you don’t know so well try and keep it discrete.

No one wants to be reminded of just how much they drank the morning after the party.