How to Overcome Fear during Stage Performance

Fear is a normal occurrence especially during your initial years of stage performance. I have come across artists who have sleepless nights a day before their performance because of fear.

It’s hard to overcome fear, but you should develop the ability to hold it. The Diva gals site is a very useful resource especially when it comes to overcoming stage fright.

One thing you will agree with me is that the nature and amount of fear on stage varies from one individual to another. The best way to overcome stage fright is through action. However, you can still find some few tips on how to overcome stage fright from this article.

Place a time-limit to your fear

You need to set a time limit to drive away all the fear before you step on stage. For example, if your performance is at 10 pm, you can tell yourself that you will not tolerate any fear from 7 pm going forward.

You give the stage fright enough space to diffuse from your body. Setting a time limit will portray your ability to gain confidence and overcome any fears. Your self-confidence will continue to grow as you continue speaking to yourself positively.

Go Slow and don’t have several activities on the Performance day

You need to avoid several activities on the performance day. This will give you enough time to focus on preparing for the performance.

It’s advisable to travel the previous day if you are going to perform in a location that is far. Doing so many things on such a day may end up confusing you. However, we have people who find it better by not thinking about the show.

If this works for you, then you can plan some simple activities that will not tire you up. Therefore, you need to identify what works for you and with by it.

Create a Ritual

You will always develop a ritual as you continue with your performances. Some people may say a prayer before stepping on the stage.

Others prefer to play their favorite music instrument or sing out their favorite chorus.  Come up with a ritual and always do it before you step on the performance stage.

Get in the Audience

I have come across artists who love wandering around the audience and talking to people shortly before a performance. It took me time to understand why these artists love such an approach.

I have come to learn that such interactions make you feel relaxed and realize that there are no monsters in the audience. You can learn how to drive away fear from your stage performance by visiting this link:


The advantage of exercising on a daily basis is that it places your emotions in a better place. You cannot drive away fear unless you practice on a daily basis.

Arrive at the venue early enough

I advise artists to reach the theater by noon if they are performing during the night. It’s good to carry out some rehearsals on the real stage.

You will also assist in setting the stage to make sure that it is the way you want it to appear. It’s good to have a clear picture of the environment by the time you are getting on stage.

You can use these tips from any other you find relevant to drive away any fear from your performance.