How to Sing in Harmony as a Beginner

sing in harmonySoaring music that has a perfect harmony sounds so sweet in the ear of the audience. Some upcoming artists have a misconception that it is easy to sing in a group than singing alone.

Some of them think that singing in harmony will assist them to hide any errors or off-tune notes that they may make as others will drown off their voice.

Click out here, and you will discover that you have so much to learn as an upcoming artist. The truth of the matter is that singing in harmony is not as easy as you may think.

Each singer must have a clear understanding of his or her part and sing in the most appropriate pitch. It may take you several rehearsal sessions before you get to that perfect blend.

There is a lot of dissonance in the performance and ruining of harmony even if only one individual is singing out of harmony. There are some tips that you always have to keep in mind if you want to sing in harmony.

These tips will not only assist you to blend with other choir members but also in developing techniques that are suitable for solo performances.

1. Master the Song

There is no way you will sing in harmony unless you have a perfect mastery of the song. You have to learn every single portion of the song and not only the section you are supposed to sing whether soprano, baritone, bass, or tenor.

You will not be able to sing the accompanying chords in a perfect rhythm and pitch unless you understand the melodies of each section.

You won’t be able to grasp the technical part of the performance if you only know your part and this won’t deliver the beautiful harmony that the song deserves.

2. Sing in Harmony with the Musical Instrument

You should learn to sing in harmony as you play a musical instrument when outside the group, preferably the piano. This will assist you to listen to the tones that you are singing.

You can try playing the primary melody on your piano. Listen to the accompanying tune as you hum it inside your head. You can then play this accompanying melody on your piano as you sing it out loud.

Lastly, play the accompanying melody as you sing the accompaniment this time round. You can evaluate you progress better if you record your voice while playing the piano.

You can get more tips on how to sing vocal harmony from this video as you read the next portion.

3. Train Your Musical Ear

Training your ear is the main key to singing in harmony since you get to identify the primary dissonance and resonance parts in the music piece, and as you sing together with your group mates.

Some songs possess dissonant sounds in them, but you should avoid such songs as a beginner. You need to understand how to identify an intended dissonant note before you sing these songs.

You need to play the song on your piano as you record your voice if you want to train your musical ear. You will realize that you don’t hit the correct note as you may be thinking.

Your ears get the recorded voice differently from when you are singing. You can also listen to your group members as they sing and check any dissonant notes and advise them accordingly. You cannot sing in harmony unless you train your music ear.