Singing Tips: What to do Before Singing

piano-playing-tipsI find several people straining on stage just because they are not aware of the best practice before any performance. Fred, a great musician and good friend of mine struggled with this problem for a while.

However, things changed over time as he begun to produce an outstanding performance. After inquiring from him on the secret of his success, he directed me to a great music site.

You can use this link if you are looking for various singing tips and techniques that will take your stage performance to the next level.

For now, I want as to focus on a few pre-singing tips for both seasoned professionals and beginning vocal students. These are mental and physical preparations you need before any vocal performance or lesson.

Drink a Glass of Water

It is very dangerous to sing with a dry throat as it can damage your vocal chords. You can properly lubricate your vocal chords and avoid any damage by drinking close to 8 ounces of water.

You can also keep a glass of water close to you as you sing to keep your vocal chords moist.

Get enough Rest

Your muscles and throat become loose as you sing. Your body also becomes tense once you are tired. It’s advisable to avoid singing if you are so tired.

Wear Comfortable clothing

You cannot breathe properly if you put on tight clothes as you sing. It’s good to note that singing is about 70 percent breathing. The best approach is to put on loose and comfortable clothing.

Stand upright

you have to utilize the entire body as you sing but most importantly the diaphragm. You cannot have full control of the diaphragm if you decide to slouch while singing.

Raise the Chest and Keep the Shoulders Down

Think of a long cord that is hanging from your ceiling and connected to the upper chest region. At first, it may feel a little funny but it will provide you with the right singing posture.

Make sure that your Feet are Under your Shoulders

Your feet should be close to one foot apart. This will enhance the control you have over your body and enable you to express yourself with small body movements as you sing.

Place your foot six to eight Inched in front of the Other

There is no problem with whichever foot you place in front. Most right handed people place the right foot in front and vice versa.

This also enhances the level of control you have over your body. You can find more tips on how to prepare before singing on

Bend Your Knees Slightly

There is no specific amount for bending your knees. It prevents your knees from locking as you sing.

Locking of knees forces you to put a lot of weight on the back foot which is very wrong. The body weight should be over your whole body with very little emphasis on the front foot.

Have Nothing in the Mouth While Singing

This may sound strange but I have seen people who sing with gum in the mouth. There is no way you will sing properly while keeping  a piece of gum in your mouth.