How to Teach Guitar to a Group of Children?

guitar-kidsThere is a familiar path you can follow if you wish to teach guitar to a group of children. I have been teaching guitar to children for over ten years now.

Initially, I taught on a one on one basic but currently I specialize in groups.  Apart from guitars, you can find more gadgets that engage kids if you click here.

You may think that teaching guitar to a group of children is ineffective if you don’t know how to undertake the process. The advantage of teaching adults in groups is that they listen without setting rules.

The main challenges that affect the adults revolve around the art of playing guitar itself. Here is a step by step guide that can assist you to teach children in a group how to play guitar.

First Step: The Awakening

You can begin by doing rock band work with a group of children but you will not go far unless you set some rules. There may be a lot of noise that may not be very constructive for the learning process.

You may go with the flow in the early days because you want the kids to enjoy. The kids who want to mess around begin to frustrate the efforts of those who are serious.

You may find some of the serious students dropping out and others who are not serious following suit.

Second Step: Setting Rules

As a great guitar teacher to a group of young learners, you need to set rules that make the greatest impact. For example, you should allow each student to fill in their practice log on a daily basis.

There is no need to attend a music class if you are not practicing. The second rule should be raising up of hands before asking any question.

This is the only way you will create order in your class. The third rule should be that the learners should only play when and what you ask them to do.

This is the only way you will ensure that your students are learning progressively. You can find a clear guide on how to teach guitar in groups from this video:

Third Rule: Class Strategies

Once you have the attention of the class, you can go ahead to set the learning objectives. You can create the G4 guitar method with clear objectives for all learners.

The best lesson you can teach the kids is how to learn. Learning how to learn is more important than even the content.

You need to teach the students how they can break down the task into achievable goals that are clear. Trying to get songs that will inspire the children from the first week may not be the best strategy.

Developing a weekly program will assist the child to overcome the huddles that come along the way. This will build the confidence of both the student and the teacher.

Fourth Stage: Routine

You are free to increase the speed once you develop the strategies of your class. If you are learning a song, you need to begin by the parts.

Think of the best finger positioning if you are learning a difficult song. Your student will know what you expect if you have a clear routine.

You will save a lot of time and make your classes to pick momentum. Your students will remain focused within the learning hours.

Once you follow this program, you can sit down and wait for the results.