Top 5 Karaoke Machine for Children

Karaoke MicThere exist so many karaoke machines that are specially designed for your kids. If your kid is a budding pop star, you can expose them to the right foundation right in your home.

These machines provide a lot of entertainment to you and your children. Karaoke machines for children mainly focus on fun and portability. Most of these machines have a nice character theme and crazy lights.

Most kids like moving with their toys from place to place. This also assists parents because it keeps their kids busy while traveling.

You can move with these machines to relative’s homes or vocational houses. Karaoke machines for kids are cheaper compared to those of adults.

The following is a list of five karaoke machine for kids that impress users:

Exclusive Frozen Karaoke Set

Frozen karaoke machineThis is a frozen focused karaoke machine that comes with a lyric book and bonus CD + G. It has two hits namely “let it go” and “Do you want to build a snowman”.

This is why most kids have been singing “let it go” everywhere since the movie was launched two years ago.

The main advantages of this machine is that they have inbuilt speakers, and are ready for use right from the box.

The machine is very portable and has amazing flashing and vocal effects. The main challenge is that the CD included on it only has two hits.

In addition, the CD only has melodies and has limited connectivity. It can be quite boring to keep on listening to the same melodies.

Singing Machine SML-385

This is a disco-infected machine that is light induced. The karaoke machine comes in two main colors namely black and white.

It is fitted with two microphones that have different volumes which assist when someone is backing up the song. You can connect this machine to an Ipad to enable you play you tube karaoke videos.

The advantage of this machine is that it has adjustable disco lights and includes echo and voice controls.

Its main disadvantages are that it has a very heavy bass and is potentially unresponsive to customer service.

Singing Machine SML-283P Karaoke Player

This is a front loading karaoke machine that comes in black and pink colors. It has amazing echo effects and flood lights.

The machine is more portable and smaller and thus encourages easy toting. You can connect a singing machine that uses a wireless microphone to it.

This karaoke machine has two microphone units. The main challenge is that the included microphones may cut out occasionally. In addition, the volume of this machine is a bit low.

Kidzlane Two Microphone Karaoke Machine

This machine comes with AUX/MP3/Bluetooth connectivity. It has a technological advantage that is aimed at younger people.

It has a USB port, flash drivers and enables Bluetooth connectivity. The machine is programmed in such a way that you can choose and order tracks.

You can power the machine with 4AA batteries or a micro USB. You can find a clear comparison of all these machines from

Karaoke Night KN 200 Karaoke System

Like any other karaoke machine, this system is very portable. It has a switchable light that compliments its vocal effects very well.

It comes with a nice 20-track demonstration CD to kick start you. These are just five among the many Karaoke machines that are out there in the market.